Pittsburgh Area Bioethics Partnership

Founded by Carnegie Mellon University’s Center for Ethics and Policy and the Center for Bioethics & Health Law at the University of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Area Bioethics Partnership (PABP) serves to foster collaborations in bioethics research and education across the region’s colleges and research institutions.

The PABP helps to publicize the region’s rich resources in bioethics to a national and international audience. Institutions participating in the PABP open most of their programming in bioethics to partnership members and, frequently, to the public. Individuals who are PABP members value the partnership’s facilitation of collegial collaborations and sharing of resources for teaching and opportunities for student research. Seeking to break out of the silos of and within institutions, the PABP embraces the interdisciplinary spirit of bioethical inquiry and fosters conceptual and empirical research across traditional boundaries of institutions and disciplines.

For information about PABP activities or to seek to join the consortium, contact bioethics@pitt.edu.