Why Study Bioethics at Pitt?

The Center for Bioethics and Health Law is, at its core, a collaborative entity. It benefits from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s robust hospital system and its research programs, which have attracted more than $447 million in National Institutes of Health grants annually, ranking among the top 10 academic medical centers in the country. Empirical investigators in the Center collaborate with these clinical and basic science researchers, as well as initiate their own projects. With ready access to pioneers of transplantation science, genetics, and neuroscience, Center faculty and students have an opportunity to address bioethical issues as they arise. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s network of hospitals and the University’s public health program also provide an opportunity for students to witness innovation in organizational and health policy.

Patients and families, health care practitioners and administrators, citizens and policymakers, researchers and review board members, all face situations in which they must participate in complex decisions pertaining to human health and quality of life. Considerations of equality, equity, autonomy, human rights, culture, quality, and cost all play significant roles in such analyses. At the Center for Bioethics and Health Law, students from a variety of backgrounds are provided with theoretical frameworks and practical tools to prepare them to play a role in addressing difficult issues in bioscience and technology, and health care and policy development. Some students are just beginning their careers, while others are seasoned clinicians, lawyers, academics, or scientists. The common ground all students share is a passion for learning about timeless, yet ever-changing issues in bioethics.

Part of a medical center rich in research and clinical observation opportunities, with stimulating seminars and experienced faculty members eager to mentor highly-qualified students, the Center for Bioethics & Health Law provides an interdisciplinary foundation for students to pursue intellectual and career goals.