Jeff Aziz, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer in English

Jeff Aziz, PhD, is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Pittsburgh.  He teaches courses in Shakespeare, early-modern literature, and the dramatic genres, amongst other things.  His abiding interest in religious representation has led him to explore how supposedly secular modes of representation in medicine or drama are beholden to their sacred religious forbears.  His current research interest is the representation of the medical/anatomical body in the European context after the publication of Vesalius’ 1543 De humani corporis fabrica.  Jeff’s course Literature and Science (ENGLIT 0612) explores the cultural history of the idea of the “human” through moments of intellectual crisis including the anatomical Renaissance, Darwin’s publication of On the Origin of Species, and the modern medicalization of the body.  Jeff has been an advocate for the place of the humanities in the university and the larger world.  He has served in the Humanities at Pitt, the University of Pittsburgh Humanities Council, and the Working Group on Medical Humanities.  Jeff directs and teaches in Pitt’s Prague: Monsters, Madmen, and the Modern City study abroad program.