Health Humanities Faculty

Jeff Aziz, PhD
Senior Lecturer in English
Brock Bahler, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Religious Studies
Jacques Albert Bromberg, PhD
Assistant Professor of Classics
Clark Chilson, PhD
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Kristen Ann Ehrenberger, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Lucy Fischer, PhD
Distinguished Professor Emerita of English and Film Studies
Emily Herrington, PhD
Visiting Lecturer in Communication
Bridget Keown, PhD
Lecturer in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program
Olga Kuchinskaya, PhD
Associate Professor of Communication
Robin Maier, MA, MD
Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Kathleen M. Musante, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
Mark W.D. Paterson, PhD
Associate Professor of Sociology
Elizabeth Pitts, PhD
Assistant Professor of Composition
Uma Satyavolu Rau, PhD
Lecturer II in English
Hannah Star Rogers, PhD, MFA
Visiting Scholar and Co-curator for Art’s Work in the Age of Biotechnology
Jason Rosenstock, MD
Professor of Psychiatry; Associate Dean for Medical Education
Gaetan Sgro, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor in Medicine
Candace Skibba, PhD
Associate Teaching Professor of Hispanic Studies, Carnegie Mellon University
Abdesalam Soudi, PhD
Lecturer in Linguistics
Ritu Thamman, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
Andrew Thurston, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine; Medical Director of Palliative Care, UPMC Mercy
Peter Trachtenberg, MA
Associate Professor and Director of the Writing Program
Emily Wanderer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Mari Webel, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
Jonathan Weinkle, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor Medicine; Adjunct Faculty Member, Department of Religious Studies