Candace Skibba, PhD

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University

Candace Skibba, Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University, specializes in contemporary Spanish literature and film. She has concentrated her research on investigating the intersection between literary and film studies and studies of the body - most notably the abnormal body. While her work began with analyses of the contemporary Spanish author Juan José Millás, her focus has shifted to visual culture through a panoramic study of illness and disability in the body of the works of Pedro Almodóvar as well as representations of abnormality in recent work produced by contemporary Spanish artists. Her course Gleefully Different investigated representations of abnormality from the early 20th century freak show to the rampant reality TV depictions of corporeal anomaly. Most recently her course The Corporeal Text considered a variety of sources, from government documents to graphic novels in both English and Spanish.