Angela Kornman, MA

  • Dean of College & Academic Advising, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, TX

Angela Kornman received a BA with a double major in philosophy and Russian studies from Rhodes College in 2006. She received an MA in Bioethics at the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 along with a Certificate in Women’s Studies.  With general interests in postmodern perspectives and challenges to contemporary models of bioethics, the history and philosophy of science, and feminist perspectives, her particular interests centered on the ethical implications of the “commodification” of the body in matters such as surrogacy, the marketing of tissue and organs, and compensated research participation. Her MA thesis is entitled A critique of the theoretical failings of an abstinence-only adolescent sex education. Following graduation, she returned to her alma mater to become an Assistant Director of Admissions at Rhodes College with responsibilities in sixteen Western states.She then became Dean of College & Adademic Advising for All Saints’ Episcopal School in Fort Worth, TX.