Abdesalam Soudi, PhD

  • Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Abdesalam Soudi earned his PhD in sociolinguistics from the University of Pittsburgh. In 2014, he completed the University’s Speaking in the Disciplines Fellowship. He is a Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics and is the advisor for Linguistic Consulting/Internship, which he created to connect linguistics to the community and industry. Originally from Morocco, Dr. Soudi is a faculty affiliate of the Global Studies Center, as well as the Department of Family Medicine; co-teaches Cultural Competence in the Institute for Clinical Research Education. Dr. Soudi’s research interests include sociolinguistics, conversation and statement analysis, medical discourse, Arabic linguistics, cross-cultural communication, human-computer interface (particularly in doctors’ consultations), electronic health records, and cultural and linguistic competency education. He spearheaded a collaboration among the Departments of Linguistics, Family Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynecology that culminated in the 2016 Humanities in Health Conference, and chaired the 2017 conference Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Living and Working Together, for which he directed and produced a short film on the meaning and value of diversity.