Institutional Racism: Remembering Struggle, Survival, and Resistance at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians, 1902-2015

January 19, 2022 -
5:00pm to 6:30pm

Susan Burch, PhD
Professor of American Studies
​Middlebury College 

Abstract: Over the course of the 20th century, the United States confined hundreds of adults and children from dozens of Native nations at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians, a federal psychiatric hospital in South Dakota, which was one of many places of imposed removal and confinement. These detentions were experienced not only by individuals, but also by their families. Their relationships extended within and beyond institutional walls and continue to endure to the present day. Professor Burch's research into these relationships draws on oral history interviews, correspondence, material objects, and archival sources that collectively reframe the histories of institutionalized people, the places that held them, and the kin who remember them.

This lecture was not recorded, however, a script from this talk is available here.


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