"Hospitality and Disability"

March 15, 2017 -
9:30am to 11:30am

Nearly 20 percent of the population has some sort of disability (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), most of us will encounter disability as we or our loved ones age, and all of us live with limits (making disablity more "normal" than non-disability).  Yet our communities still struggle to address basic issues of access (leveling the playing field so that folks with physical, cognitive, or emotional differences can simply show up) let alone make the important shift from access to hospitality.  This session will invite conversation at practical, communal, and theological levels to reimagine hospitality that is truly accessible to all.

There will be a lunch and discussion with Debbie Creamer from 12:00 - 3:00 pm.  There is no registration fee but you will be required to pay for your own lunch ($6).  Register by emailing jessicabenham@pitt.edu

Location and Address

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
616 North Highland Avenue