Getting to the Soul of the Matter: Engaging Patients in Discussion of Their Religious/Spiritual Beliefs During Medical Encounters

September 24, 2018 -
5:00pm to 6:30pm

What does religion and spirituality (R/S) have to do with clinical patient care? More than first meets the eye.  It turns out, that R/S can have a significant role in medical decision making shaping the clinical encounter, the treatment sought and adhered to, clinical outcomes, and the level of patient reported satisfaction with quality of care received.  Physicians, nursing staff, pharmacists, allied health care professionals, social workers and public health professionals will encounter patients whose R/S beliefs will shape their response to care received.  Drawing on research and clinical experience, this talk will explore how to we make room for and conduct patients' R/S assessment within the clinical encounter, as well as how clinicians may appropriately manage their our own R/S beliefs and/or biases when engaging with patient's whose beliefs and views may differ from their own.

Co-sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies

Location and Address

602 Cathedral of Learning