Gender Before Birth: Sex Selection in a Transnational Context

March 21, 2019 -
5:00pm to 6:30pm

Abstract: Author, Rajani Bhatia, presents key findings from her book, Gender Before Birth in which she takes on the double standard of how sex selection practices in the West and non-West are divergently named and framed.  Drawing on transnational feminist theory, Bhatia traces material, discursive, and institutional processes that configured sex selection via assisted reproductive technologies within Fertility, Inc.  She argues that we are at the beginning of a changing transnational terrain that presents new challenges to theorized inequality in reproduction, and demonstrates how the technosciences often get embroiled in colonial gender and racial politics.


Co-sponsored by the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program and the Humanities Center

Location and Address

602 Cathedral of Learning    (Note this is a Thursday)