Bioethics and Humanities at the Crossroads

October 13, 2021 (All day) to October 16, 2021 (All day)

American Society for Bioethics and Humanities 23rd Annual Conference

Abstract:  The conference theme takes its inspiration from the organization’s originally anticipated meeting location at the “Crossroads of America”—Indianapolis, Indiana, as well as the temporal crossroads at which the country finds itself. The conference will explore the many intersections of bioethics, health humanities, and the worlds with which these fields and conference participants engage. Responses to COVID-19—both national and global—have awakened deep concerns about healthcare systems, systemic inequity, and divergent worldviews, as well as awareness of the potential for new alliances and creative solutions. The conference will address myriad questions, such as: how can the contributions made at the intersection of bioethics and health humanities be amplified? What relationship to activism and advocacy should these fields have? What expanded public roles or new contributions might lie ahead for these fields?

Additional information is available here. The conference brochure is available here. Register here.  

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